How to Better Manage Morning Stress Before School

School morning stress is all too real. For some families, it’s the most difficult time of day with emotions running high while everything else seems to come to a standstill. Meanwhile, the clock keeps ticking, and before you know it, the bus has taken off while the kids are struggling to get their shoes on. What should be an opportunity for the family to catch their breath before getting to work becomes the most stressful part of the day.

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Classroom Coping Skills for Children with ADHD

Children with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often experience difficulty focusing, especially in the classroom. It doesn’t help that many educational settings are not necessarily conducive to learning differences, even ones as frequently diagnosed as ADHD. That’s why it’s important to make sure your child is equipped with the best skills to help them succeed in any environment.

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Practicing Executive Functioning At Home for Kids With Learning Differences

While every child has a different approach to learning, those diagnosed with language-based learning differences may need additional support in and outside of the classroom. Currently, 14% of all public schools in the U.S. offer specialized education services, which only covers a fraction of the children who use or need these services to learn important skills—like executive functioning.

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What is Social Emotional Learning?

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the way today’s children express themselves, socialize, and learn. Quarantining, social distancing, and isolation have kept us safe but we’re still not sure what long-term effects these will have on this generation’s youth. Students had to do school virtually from home, cutting off all face-to-face interactions. Children weren't able to see their friends or family for months while stuck inside. Screens were their only form of communication with the outside world.

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