Librarian's Picks for Winter Break Books

For some, winter break doesn’t always mean getting a break. From running errands for holiday preparations to long car rides on the way to relatives, there’s such a focus on what to get for who, it’s easy to forget to pause for some genuine, quality family time.

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Best Summer Reading Books for Kids with Learning Differences

It’s understandable that kids want (and need!) time to relax during their time off from school. But procrastinating summer reading assignments (or worse - not reading over the summer at all!) can really set them back when they start back up in September.

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7 Great Books for Readers with Learning Differences

Stories are powerful. They’re educational, entertaining, and inspiring, sticking in a child’s mind more easily than dry facts. Stories can play a useful part in the emotional development of your child, stretching their imagination and helping them to build vocabulary.

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