Inspiring Quotes To Motivate Learners With Dyslexia

Motivational words coming from someone who is supposed to love you, like a parent, can be harder to accept than encouragement from a favorite and important figure.

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What Is Dyslexia and How Is It Diagnosed?

Between 5-12% of children struggle with dyslexia. It’s not the most commonly diagnosed learning difference, but those affected by it face obstacles that can be managed with the right tools, strategies, and support systems.

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How to Know if Your Child with Dyslexia Needs Specialized Learning

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Dyslexia is a learning difference that impacts a child’s reading fluency, causing difficulty with reading, writing, and spelling. But like all learning differences, Dyslexia has no impact on a child’s intelligence and instead challenges students, their parents, and their teachers to identify effective coping mechanisms and study strategies.

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