Alumni Spotlight: Updates from Our Scholars

Get to know the stories of former students from Eagle Hill School, from their academic journeys to their current pursuits. Discover their accomplishments, passions, and cherished memories.

ehs alumni arianaARIANNA BONFIGLIO '02

Arianna (formerly Gina) attended Pine Ridge High School and earned an associate degree in animal care from Becker College in 2008. She and her fiancé, Matthew, live in the Black Rock neighborhood of Bridgeport, Connecticut with five cats and 10 birds.

She was a veterinary technician for 10 years, then opened a business, You First Care Services. She shut it down in 2020 to start her current business, Phoenix Travel of Fairfield County LLC. She hopes to follow in her late father’s footsteps to grow a successful business, as he had done.

Arianna recently celebrated five years of sobriety and works every day toward a healthier life. She keeps in touch with former EHS classmates such as Amy Shaw, who will be the maid of honor at her wedding. Her favorite Eagle Hill memories are of field hockey and basketball.

ehs alumni kristenKRISTEN WAGNER '09

Kristen attended Norwalk Community College and has been teaching daycare for six years. Her favorite memories of Eagle Hill are of friends, amazing teachers, and a sense of community.


Elisabeth attended Harvey School and Fox Lane High School, and later earned a bachelor’s degree in communication from Mitchell College. There, she was in the Select Chorus, played two main cast parts in the college’s theater program, and was the vice president of the Gaming Club. She has continued to enjoy the arts since leaving Eagle Hill and recently revived her love for animating. Her hope is to join the Bedford Players Theater while searching for a stable career.

Her favorite memory of Eagle Hill is playing on the field hockey team. She wrote, “It was tough, and I didn’t totally understand the game at first, but I grew to love it almost instantly.”

ehs alumni stevenSTEVEN SCHLAKMAN '02

Steven recently became engaged to Theresa Mahony. Since leaving Eagle Hill, Steven graduated from Edgemont (NY) High School. For the past 17 years, he’s worked as the assistant office manager at Maxwell Kates, a real estate management firm in New York City.

Although Steve is a fanatical Mets fan and Theresa is an avid Yankees fan, they look forward to a life together. Their wedding is planned for fall, 2024.

ehs alumni hannahHANNAH BREEDE '19

Hannah graduated from Winston Prep in Norwalk, Connecticut and now attends Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida. She majors in anthrozoology and enjoys horseback riding and playing the guitar and keyboard. She has three dogs, four cats, and a horse.

Two siblings also attended Eagle Hill: Charlotte graduated from Riverview and Conrad is in high school.

Hannah’s favorite memories at Eagle Hill are the years she participated in the Halloween parade and hanging out with friends.

ehs alumni maxMAX CASPER '12

Max continued his education at Marvelwood School, co-producing two short documentaries on the gender pay wage gap and community-police relations as part of the Civic Life Project. You can find these documentaries on YouTube. Max then studied psychology at Lynn University. Currently working in human resources at Cognizant Technologies, Max applies his storytelling skills using systems like Workday. In his previous role at Mercer, he collaborated closely with diverse groups in diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting, fueling his passion for employee engagement.

Reflecting on his time at Eagle Hill, Max values his dormitory experience, which taught him community living, self-advocacy, communication skills, and the importance of routine. He encourages current students to try dorm life, even briefly.

ehs alumni nellieNELLIE REID '18

Nellie left Eagle Hill to go to Western Middle School. She’s now in 10th grade at Greenwich High School, where she started playing volleyball and softball. Her favorite Eagle Hill memory is playing tag during free time/recess.


Ava attended Maplebrook after EHS and is currently working. Her fondest memories are of the boarding program and making friends.

ehs alumni oliverOLIVER SWIFT '19

Oliver graduated from Darien High School and is a volunteer fireman with Norton Heights Fire Department.

He’s attending trade school this fall.

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