Alumni Spotlights with Revan Lazarus

Here at Eagle Hill, we’re immensely proud of our students—past, present, and future. Most did not have their needs met in their previous school and felt defeated by a system that couldn’t lift them up.

The EHS experience delivers on the promise of giving every child a chance to unlock the mystery of how their mind works. This is their opportunity to feel adequate and confident that they CAN learn and with unlimited patience, their teachers are their partners. Success can be described in many ways here at Eagle Hill, but it is always measured against the backdrop of hope.

Our alums rarely mention the skills and content of their learning (though we all agree it is essential), but they recall, with uncanny accuracy, the teacher who made them feel confident or challenged, or inspired. With that in mind, our Alumni Updates will be largely dedicated to testimonies from our graduates and their reflections on the teachers that mattered.

Revan Lazarus

Class of 2016

Revan Lazarus, Eagle Hill Class of 2016, lives in Los Angeles, where he is a sophomore at the University of Southern California. He is majoring in Intelligence and Cyber Operations and minoring in Blockchain Technologies. Outside of the classroom, Revan plays for USC’s Trojans baseball team.

What Do You Remember About Your First And Last Day At Eagle Hill?

I was at Eagle Hill for my seventh and eighth-grade years. On my first day, I was pretty excited because I was coming from a school where I really wasn’t happy with myself or with my learning experience.

After visiting Eagle Hill, I kind of felt like this was the place I was going to be successful at. I was pretty happy I was going to a place where I thought I could succeed. I recall walking on campus and feeling very welcomed by everybody.

My last day was the Eagle Hill graduation, which was great. I really felt like I had become the student and person I wanted to be. And I felt that I was going to be able to be successful at a more mainstream school, and then later on in life.

At Eagle Hill, Which Classes Stood Out That Helped You Personally With Learning Challenges?

I was in Mr. Moore’s class twice for tutorial. He’s a teacher who really helped me, regardless of the subject. He could have been talking about anything, and I would have been able to pick it up.

I also recall Mrs. Connolly’s English class was super impactful because she challenged my classmates and me to read harder material. [She encouraged us] to actually understand the material not just on the surface level, but deeply and in the historical context. Some of the books we read in that class came up in high school and continue to come up in references in college.

How Did Your View Of Your Own Self Change During Your Days At Eagle Hill?

I was always a very confident kid when it came to everything else but school, especially reading. I was confident in making friends, in athletics, in pretty much every other area, but when it came to that I was pretty shy. I didn’t want to expose that I wasn’t perfect at everything.

Coming to Eagle Hill made me realize it’s okay not to be perfect at reading, at everything in general. I think slowly over time, my confidence began to build within reading, within English [class], in school in general. The confidence from other areas began to help out the confidence in reading. I had built such a strong foundation within knowing myself, and knowing I can do whatever I set my mind to.

Once I put my mind to getting the help I needed and I wanted, I was able to be a very successful student.

What Are Your Favorite Memories Of Eagle Hill?

I think just being surrounded by the great faculty and staff is my favorite one. Mr. Moore and Mrs. Tone were the best. I also enjoyed my time on the baseball field and basketball court. Some good times and good friends were made. The teachers have been so great, even after leaving.

You Are Studying Intelligence And Cyber Operations. What Attracted You To That Program?

I’ve always been passionate about finding different ways to do things. It deals with a lot of problem-solving, where you can take your own path, rather than maybe another field of study where there is kind of a cookie-cutter way of doing things. I kind of like that. I think the cyber market and cyber security is an emerging field, so I thought that would be a good major to pursue.

I love school. I feel welcome, but I also feel like I’m in an environment where I can explore outside of my comfort zone and try different things, whether it’s school-related or baseball-related or extracurricular-related.

You Are Playing Baseball At A University That Has One Of The Finest Athletics Departments In The Country. What Position Do You Play?

I’m a catcher. When I was at Eagle Hill, I played catcher. I played all over the field, too. In college, I transitioned back to being a catcher. I have a lot of memories of being a catcher at Eagle Hill, and trying to develop my skills. It’s very cool to see it come full circle, especially at a very high athletic and academic university like USC.

Did You Also Play Other Sports At Eagle Hill?

I had so much fun playing basketball at Eagle Hill, too. Those bonding memories, those team memories, and those lessons really translated to all walks of life for me, especially in sports.

[I learned] the lesson that one should be a really good teammate, to be team-oriented first. I realized I should not be concerned about myself as an athlete, but rather be focused on how I can help my teammates and help the overall team succeed. That I learned at Eagle Hill.

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