Eagle Hill Frequently Asked Questions

Parents visiting Eagle Hill always have lots of great questions. Hear from our Admissions Team and other faculty and staff members to answer some of the most frequently asked questions including:

  • How long will my child be at Eagle Hill?
  • What sets EHS apart from other schools?
  • How will I know if my child is advancing academically?
  • What is homework like at Eagle Hill?
  • How does EHS support my child's social-emotional development?


Jennifer Shirazi, Director Of Enrollment [00:00:02]

Hi, I'm Jennifer Shirazi, the Director of Enrollment at Eagle Health. I also have the privilege of teaching a writing class.

I love getting to meet families and their children when they come to visit our school. Parents always have lots of questions.

One I get asked a lot is how long will my child be at Eagle Hill and where will they go next.

Every child's journey at Eagle Hill is different. Some students are with us for a short amount of time, and some students will stay with us until they're ready to move on to high school.

We have a placement team who works closely with families and our academic team to make sure that students end up at just the right place.

Another popular question is what sets Eagle Hill apart from other schools?

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Brittany Davis, Admissions Associate [00:00:44]

Hi families. I'm Brittany Davis. I am the Admissions Associate at Eagle Hill and I am also a teacher. What sets Eagle Hill apart from any other school is that no two students have the same schedule.

Each student's schedule is personalized based on their needs. Both academically and socially.

Jennifer Shirazi [00:01:04]

Families also asked how will they know if their child is advancing academically.

Jenn Harkins, Head of the Upper School [00:01:08]

Hi, I'm Jenn Harkins. I'm the Head of the Upper School at Eagle Hill School. Parents often ask about how they will know that their child is making academic progress.

Teachers at Eagle Hill School administer informal and formal assessments throughout the school year. That information is then passed on to parents by the teachers and educational coordinators.

In addition, you'll have parent-teacher conferences and written reports twice a year.

Jennifer Shirazi [00:01:32]

A big question we get asked is what is homework like at Eagle Hill?

Christine Sweeney, Teacher [00:01:37]

Hi, my name is Christine Sweeney and I'm a teacher here. If homework has been a struggle in the past here at Eagle Hill, we do it differently.

In the lower school, students have a study hall with a teacher and they get all their homework finished. In the upper school, they also have a study hall with a teacher. They get most of their homework—if not all of it—done every day with a teacher's help.

Jennifer Shirazi [00:01:57]

Families are often concerned about their child's social-emotional development as well, and often ask how we support that here at Eagle Hill.

Dr. David Blank, Director of Psychological Services [00:02:05]

Hello, parents. My name is Dr. David Blank. I am the director of Psychological Services here at Eagle Hill. Eagle Hill is a magical place. And what makes it magical, from my point of view, is that we value the child's social and emotional needs as much as we value the academic needs. We have a variety of services to help rebuild your child's self-esteem, confidence, and help develop their identity as a student.

Jennifer Shirazi [00:02:26]

I hope that answers some of your questions and I'm sure that you have many more. Please click on the Request Info button on our website so we can speak with you and learn more about your child.

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About Eagle Hill:

Eagle Hill School is a private school for students with learning differences located in Greenwich, Connecticut. Our academic program is designed to help students struggling with learning differences like auditory processing disorder, dyscalculia, dyslexia, ADHD, executive functioning disorder, and dysgraphia. Specialized remedial learning programs are taught by experienced teachers who help students navigate through learning challenges, preparing them for bright futures ahead.

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