Eagle Hill's Foundations Program

The Foundations Program at Eagle Hill is a self-contained program that provides young students with the skills to be successful in the classroom and transition into a mainstream school or to Eagle Hill’s Lower School.





Nestled in the heart of our iconic Hardwick House is where you'll find our youngest community members, age five through seven.


We call it Foundations because this is where they begin to acquire the building blocks needed for success in academics, speech and language, social skills and executive function. Building blocks for confident, joyful learning.

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Alka Thural, Parent [00:00:41]

Starting early and going into foundations at the age of five was life changing for us as a family and for our son.


Neuroscience shows that jumpstarting a specialized education in these critical early literacy years is truly a gift to children with language based learning differences. An early start here can prepare your child to enter a mainstream learning environment or excel in Eagle Hill’s, lower school program later.

Alka Thural, Parent [00:01:14]

In Foundations, they really learn so much that is truly where the foundation becomes as solid as it can be. And then when they go to lower school, they're fine, they're set. They can handle it.


These classes are tailored to each child's own abilities and needs and foster confident communication, creativity and attention skills through hands-on discovery and small group instruction. An average student to faculty ratio of four to one. 

The curriculum is based on the latest early childhood education and neuroscience research and led by a core group of specially trained faculty, including a special education teacher, a speech and language pathologist, a member of Eagle Hill's psychological team, a motor training expert, and offers enrichment, including art, music, and library.

Our children learn differently, so we teach differently. The magic of the Foundations program is the ability to get a jump start setting these joyful learners on a path to academic and developmental success.

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About Eagle Hill:

Eagle Hill School is a private school for students with learning differences located in Greenwich, Connecticut. Our academic program is designed to help students struggling with learning differences like auditory processing disorder, dyscalculia, dyslexia, ADHD, executive functioning disorder, and dysgraphia. Specialized remedial learning programs are taught by experienced teachers who help students navigate through learning challenges, preparing them for bright futures ahead.

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