Eagle Hill's Lower & Upper Schools

In this video from Eagle Hill, learn more about our Lower and Upper Schools. From daily activities to individualized curriculums, our goal is to provide intensive, short-term, remedial instruction to children with learning differences.



Gabi Age 13, Student [00:00:31]

When we first came through these doors, a lot of us were nervous and just a little bit unsure what to expect.

Jen Heibeck, Teacher [00:00:37]

They were coming in here sometimes with broken confidence, and they need to be built back up. And when they feel success in a classroom, it's going to fill that bucket back up.

Harrison Age 10, Student [00:00:49]

It doesn't take long to realize at Eagle Hill everyone is a part of our community and no one here is a stranger. Our teachers have our backs.

Gabi Age 13, Student [00:00:58]

At Eagle Hill it's OK to make mistakes. Our teachers say that it's the only way to learn. They know we learn differently, so they teach differently.

Deanna Abbondola, Teacher [00:01:11]

I think here we have the luxury and the privilege of really being able to try as many different approaches as the student needs.

Harrison Age 10, Student [00:01:19]

They make sure we stay focused. They always find a way to motivate us. And guess what? They don't give up on us. Our success is their success and they won't ever let us down.

Gabi Age 13, Student [00:01:37]

When we figure it out together, we're building connections, a bond that helps us get through the frustrating moments. Our teachers have confidence in us that we sometimes don't have in ourselves.

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Tracy Cone, Teacher [00:01:47]

To see the kids finally grasp a concept and be able to put it all together and see that light bulb go off is absolute magic.

Harrison Age 10, Student [00:01:56]

They know our limits and they push us towards them. We're taking steps together to become more independent and better managers of our time and even all our stuff. Yes, mom and Dad, it's true!

Gabi Age 13, Student [00:02:14]

They're always there for us. Whether it's extra help on math or a personal problem, they always take the time to listen and sort out whatever is going on before it becomes a bigger problem. Best of all, they work hard to make sure no one is left out.

Tracy Cone, Teacher [00:02:29]

Literally, every moment is a teachable moment. It's not just about teaching language arts, it's about social skills and so many other lifelong skills for these kids.

Harrison Age 10, Student [00:02:44]

They can be annoying, but they make us laugh. We always ask them, will you remember us?

Kristina Remy, Teacher [00:02:53]

To know that they can do it and that they have confidence in themselves is something that I'll always treasure and that I'll always remember,

Tracy Cone, Teacher [00:03:02]

These are the kind of kids you just never forget. They're so amazing. They're funny. Every day is different and it's just so exciting to be a part of it.

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About Eagle Hill:

Eagle Hill School is a private school for students with learning differences located in Greenwich, Connecticut. Our academic program is designed to help students struggling with learning differences like auditory processing disorder, dyscalculia, dyslexia, ADHD, executive functioning disorder, and dysgraphia. Specialized remedial learning programs are taught by experienced teachers who help students navigate through learning challenges, preparing them for bright futures ahead.

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