Our Favorite (Educational) Summer Activities for Kids

When your child is in school, you have peace of mind that they’re learning and growing in a structured environment that gets them outside and gives them an opportunity to socialize. Summer vacation, on the other hand, is a well-deserved break from that routine. But as you suddenly go from a set schedule to all that free time, it can be a bit overwhelming for parents and children alike.

That said, summer is the best time to be with your children, and this year, you can make their vacation a memorable one (and an educational one). By organizing activities that benefit their mind and body, you ensure that their developmental needs are met and mitigate the effects of the summer slide.

Here are some of our favorite summer activities, suitable for kids of all ages (and parents, too).

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Read With Them

Reading is one of the best educational summer activities for both middle schoolers and elementary schoolers. You can do this either at home, outdoors, or at the local libraries.

There are tons of books available, and some are even especially good choices for kids with learning differences.

Picture books with good stories may be ideal. We recommend that you also read with them so they are more inspired and motivated to learn. Try to visit the local libraries as you'll never run out of options there. What's important is that you're there to see their progress and ensure that they enjoy the activity.

read with your kid

Improve their Writing Skills

After reading, you can encourage them to write about what they have learned or anything they can think about. Call it a free-writing exercise for your kids, and the only rule is to write whatever comes to mind. Let them know that the writing doesn't have to be perfect, that it's just a form of self-expression.

Ideal for both middle schoolers and elementary schoolers, writing can improve their communication skills. To make it even more challenging, try to look for easy writing prompts that they can do. Better yet, ask them to finish a short story and maybe even try to self-publish it. Make sure to reward them for their achievement!

There are no age requirements for self-publishing, and you can publish for free on Amazon. You don't need to sell the book, but you can order or print just one copy for your little one. It'll be a great achievement, and it will encourage them to do better.

Start a Creative Project

Do you like DIY projects? Why not ask your little one for assistance. You can also organize an easy DIY project for them.

One good example is to help them become resourceful by creating projects made with used materials such as plastic or cardboard. It's also an opportunity to raise awareness about the effects of plastic pollution on the environment and what they can do to prevent it or manage plastic waste better.

Cultivate a Hobby

There are a lot of online resources that can help your children develop a hobby. If they love music, you can encourage them to learn how to play a musical instrument or sing. Cooking and baking are also great ideas, and you can join them in the activity too.

Does your kid love art? How about buying some paint or watercolor that they can use? Or maybe introduce them to the craft of knitting. Birdwatching and gardening are outdoor alternatives.

nurture your kids hobbies

Encourage Them to Stay Active

The best summer activities for middle schoolers and elementary schoolers should involve staying active at home or outside. Go outside and visit the park. Hiking and biking will get them moving. You can also play sports or go camping.

You'll never run out of things to do outdoors; do make sure that you don't go to crowded places. It's still important that you are careful when outside; plastic social distancing as much as possible.

Spend Time With Friends

If they can't meet outside, consider setting up a zoom meeting for their friends. You may contact their parents or ask your child to get in touch with their closest friends at school.

Meeting outside may be possible so long as they practice social distancing. They can go biking with their friends or eat together at the park.

Let Them Plan Your Next Family Vacation

Ask them to do something exciting for the entire family, like planning a dream vacation. It's a fun activity, and it will encourage them to research beautiful destinations.

Where would they want to go if they could visit any place in the world? Ask them to write why they chose a particular destination and ask them to create an itinerary for you. Ensure that you provide them with the resources that they can use in their research.

Crossword Challenge/ Word Play

Solving brain teasers or playing word games are excellent for middle schoolers and elementary schoolers. Do make sure that the game you choose is suitable for their age. Check online for available resources. You can also download a mobile app for this; there are loads of exciting games for children of all ages.

Household Chores

Doing household chores may not sound exciting, but it helps your children learn skills such as organizing their stuff, tending to the garden, cleaning, and preparing meals. They will learn how to take better care of themselves and their family.

You can make it exciting for them by giving them rewards when they can do their chores. Eating out or buying a new favorite toy might do the trick.

make a chore routine for the whole family

Family Movie Nights

On weekends, you can gather everyone for a fun movie night. First, you can ask your little ones to help you prepare snacks for the entire family and even pick a movie to watch. You can give them options—and make sure they're kid-friendly—and ask them what they would pick. Organizing a movie night is one of the best summer activities for elementary schoolers and middle schoolers, and you won't even have to go out of the house.

The Great Outdoors

During summer vacation, it's always best to take your children outdoors. A breath of fresh air and some green spaces will be good for them. While there are fun indoor activities you can do with them, always incorporate those with activities that you can also do outside, such as playing games or staying active.

It's summer—an excellent time to be out in the sun.

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