Sledding into Success this Winter Break: How to Ensure Your Children Make the Most of their Time Off From School

Learn some new and innovative ways to keep things fresh this holiday break so that your kids can continue to learn and grow while they enjoy some time off.

Kids work hard – something we’re particularly aware of during a challenging year like 2020. Breaks during the academic year are few and far between, so it’s no wonder students want to relax during their time off. During the summer, a few months away from the classroom can mean students lose some of the academic gains they earned while they were in school. And even just a week or two away during winter can really upset some of the hard earned habits and relied upon routines they spent so long getting the hang of. So what can we do to make sure that our students continue to maximize their potential, even while they’re enjoying some well deserved down time?

Planning ahead

A teacher comes to the classroom prepared with a curriculum and a plan of action – recognizing which goals they’re going to be working with students to meet. And, while preparing a syllabus may seem like a daunting task for parents who’ve got a lot going on, it’s much easier to manage once you’ve got some direction.

For younger students, Mrs. Plemons Kindergarten has some bright ideas on how to make the most of what winter has to offer. We recommend leveraging her weekly calendars to lay out the basics for your little learners to stay ahead of the curve, even during their winter break. 

winter theme calendar

This table can easily be repurposed to set goals for older students and teens (even yourself) to make the most out of their time at home, amongst family, whether it be through a homebound book club with daily goals for page counts, a Youtube playlist of helpful math videos, a list of chores, and some special bonding activities to look forward to. Save our helpful template and make a plan of action for your child’s upcoming holiday break.

Keeping up with reading and writing

Most students will have two full weeks at home for the holiday break. And while getting the family together to watch all the specials on TV is a must, another valuable way to spend time together could be to create a wonderful story of your own. With a wealth of inspiration and a quick writer’s workshop, everyone can have an opportunity to not only challenge their imagination, but also build an understanding of the general structure of a story. Not to mention, a chance at reading a self-published work can be a massive confidence booster.


While the time off may seem like a lot, it may not be enough to finish a whole book. Instead of committing to chapters or page counts, invite your family to a reading circle, and take turns sharing passages from collections of short stories. These will offer more of a challenge than picture books and will expose everyone in the family to different stories and styles of literature.

Keeping up with math and more

There are a wealth of resources available online to keep kids on target in Math. Khan Academy offers free courses, lessons, and exercises that are digestible and even fun (though a student looking forward to time off may not see it that way!). The best way to keep them engaged is to keep them interested. For the sake of keeping their analytical brains working, consider exposing your child to some alternative subjects like Computer Programming or Disney’s Imagineering in  a Box. And if you’re worried they might be too young, resources through Code and Scratch were specially designed for elementary age students, while classic games like Lemonade Stand offer an unexpected test of critical thinking.

Making the most out of every moment

Ultimately, the important thing is to enjoy some time with your loved ones, especially during an overwhelming time where so much is uncertain. Having a plan is just meant to serve as a guide to finding opportunities to create, learn, and exercise new skills. Setting goals will give everyone something to look forward to, help them track their growth, and show them how even a few days off can make for some of the most precious memories. And when your children are back in the classroom, they’ll find it easier to adjust to the routine while still being refreshed from their time away.



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