How Children with Learning Differences Can Benefit from Artistic Expression

Alumni Spotlight with Matthew Roach

Classroom Coping Skills for Kids with Dysgraphia

What is Executive Dysfunction?

Alumni Spotlights with Rebecca & Julia Karnani

Quotes to Inspire Learners With ADHD

Evaluating School-Aged Children for Learning Differences

Alumni Spotlights with Revan Lazarus

Classroom Coping Skills for Kids With Auditory Processing Disorder

Alumni Spotlights with Elizabeth Urban

What Is Auditory Processing Disorder?

Alumni Spotlights with Recent Graduates

Understanding Learning Differences and Related Diagnoses

Inspiring Quotes To Motivate Learners With Dyslexia

Specialized Curriculums for Children With Learning Differences

What Is Dyslexia and How Is It Diagnosed?

Artistic Expression for Kids With ADHD

Teacher Appreciation Week Highlight: Special Education Teachers

What Children with Learning Differences Need to Thrive as Learners

What Is ADHD and How Is It Diagnosed?

Our Favorite Family-Fun (and Educational) Spring Activities

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson on The YES Brain and Cultivating Courage

The 13 Different Categories of Special Education Under IDEA

Executive Function Skills You Can Help Your Child Work on At Home

Helping Students With Learning Differences Focus On Their Strengths

Dr. Michele Borba On the 7 Characteristics in Thrivers

Your Child’s Educational Rights: 6 Principles of IDEA

Our Favorite (Fun and Educational) Winter Activities

Encouraging Self-Advocacy in Children With Learning Differences

Librarian's Picks for Winter Break Books

How to Better Manage Morning Stress Before School

Helping Your Child with Learning Differences Express Themselves

Dr. Harold Koplewicz on Raising Resilient Kids in an Age of Anxiety

Classroom Coping Skills for Children with ADHD

Practicing Executive Functioning At Home for Kids With Learning Differences

Influential People You Didn't Know That Have Learning Differences

What Kind of Learning Style Does Your Child Have?

Ramp Up the Routine for a Strong Back-to-School Start in September!

How to Help Your Child Learn to Self-Regulate

Our Favorite (Educational) Summer Activities for Kids

What is Social Emotional Learning?

How Great are the Great Outdoors for Kids with Learning Differences?

Sliding into Success this Summer Break: How to Ensure Your Children Make the Most of their Time Off From School

Best Summer Reading Books for Kids with Learning Differences

How to Help Your Child Manage Screen Time

Caroline Maguire Covers Social Emotional Learning for Children with ADHD

What is a Learning Difference?

7 Great Books for Readers with Learning Differences

The Value of Specialized Learning for Students with Auditory Processing Disorder

How to Know if Your Child with Dyslexia Needs Specialized Learning

Dr. Daniel J. Siegel Teaches the Impact that Parents and Teachers have on Children’s Development at Eagle Hill’s Speaker Series

Sledding into Success this Winter Break: How to Ensure Your Children Make the Most of their Time Off From School

The Benefits of Boarding At School for Children with Learning Differences

How Connecticut and New York Parents Can Help Their Child with Executive Function Disorder

Author Jean Twenge to Speak About the Impact of Smartphones on Teen Behavior at Eagle Hill’s Speaker Series

Dysgraphia in Children: What Parents Need to Know

How to Know if Your Child with Dyscalculia Needs Specialized Learning

Choosing the Best School for Children with ADHD: 5 Factors to Consider

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